State Representative Womick Comments On DUI Checkpoint Video

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34th District State Representative Rick Womick (R-Rockvale, TN) is not agreeing with the MTSU student who released the video of a pre-announced Tennessee Highway Patrol license and sobriety checkpoint, but feels his rights need to be protected.

In an e-mail sent to WGNS, Womick commented, "I love this young man's spirit and intent. He displays excellent initiative, but extremely poor judgment. We don't need this young man in jail or arrested because of an inadequate understanding of Constitutional law. We need him on the front lines, fighting for the real and big Constitutional battles."

Don't Try This At Airport


Representative Womick is a commercial airline pilot, and personally experiences people pushing the limits of the law on a regular basis. He noted, "As for the young man in the video, he was uncooperative right from the start by refusing to roll down his window. For a law enforcement officer that is a huge red flag. The first thought that comes to their mind is that the individual is trying to hide something, such as a gun. Many law enforcement officers have been shot by drivers through a car window."

So my question to those who may disagree is, "How will this young man act if he decides to get on an airplane and fly somewhere?" He will be required to strip several items from his body and be scanned or even physically searched. I can guarantee you he will be detained and arrested if he were to act the same way at the airport as he did in his car.


Need To Be Polite and Cooperative

All this young man had to do was be polite and cooperative at the DUI checkpoint that was stopping all drivers, not just him. He was not singled out, nor was he being picked on, until he became uncooperative. He was not being denied his right to freely travel or transport to any destination that he had chosen. In the process of traveling throughout the country, we must all agree to abide by the laws governing such travel. These laws have been found to be Constitutional in a court of law and they are there to protect all of us from those who wish to do us harm, either intentionally or unintentionally. We can choose to follow such laws or suffer the consequences, such as the dreaded speeding ticket. Speeding, just like a DUI checkpoint  that checks for impaired drivers, can be construed as a restriction of our Constitutional right to freely travel. The point I am trying to make is that speed limits or DUI checkpoints are not a restriction to our right to travel. Rather they are a mechanism to ensure that while we are exercising our right to travel, that all participants do it safely and not deny those of us who are also on the road, our right to life and happiness!

State Law Is Clear

According to TCA 55-10-406, any person who drives a motor vehicle in the state of Tennessee has agreed to and given consent to a test or tests to determine the drug or alcohol content of their blood. The requirement for such tests may only be conducted at the direction of a law enforcement officer having reasonable grounds to believe the driver is impaired.

Womick Wants Laws Enforced

To those who still do not understand my position, then let me offer you one more point that has not been expressed in this Constitutional debate. I, my wife, and my children have the right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, according to the Declaration of Independence. When a drunk or impaired driver, who is breaking the law, comes over into a lane of oncoming traffic, crashes head on into my son's or daughter's car, and kills them, then he has just denied my child their ‘right to "life’ and the rest of our family our right to ‘happiness’. The local authorities have also denied my child/our family those same rights because they failed to enforce the driving laws; laws that are in place to prevent such tragedies. 

MTSU Student Was At Fault

The young man in the video has no one to blame but himself. There are many more important and better ways to pick a fight for our Constitutional freedoms and rights, starting with President Obama, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, Obamacare, Senators and Congressmen trying to prohibit gun ownership, and so on. The list is endless with these enemies of the Constitution.

He also said that several of his advisers suggested that he retract earlier comments, as a concern that they might have a negative impact on his political career.

Womick Advised His Stand Is Not "Politically Correct"

Womick responded, " First of all, I don't serve the people of Tennessee as a State Representative to advance a political career. Secondly, I couldn't care less if this statement destroys what some claim as my “career in politics." I stand on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the laws of the land that are Constitutional. You may not agree with my view or interpretation of the Constitution, but you will always know where I stand!

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