UPDATE: Some students to "Walk Out" of school on Wednesday in protest

UPDATE: Some students to "Walk Out" of school on Wednesday in protest | #NationalSchoolWalkout,school walkout,walkout

On Wednesday, some Rutherford County School students will join other activists to protest current state and federal gun laws.

The National Student Walkout is March 14, and the March for Our Lives is March 24. The Network for Public Education has also declared April 20 a National Day of Action against gun violence in schools, on the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.

Riverdale High School students have a "Riverdale Walkout" Twitter page that is reminding students of the reason to leave class, which the page reads, "Student Walkouts to End Gun Violence."

Meanwhile at Blackman High School, the students set to leave class for the walkout looks to be fairly small at this point. However, that could all change as crowd mentality takes charge.

Groups at other Rutherford County Schools are making similar plans for the exit on Wednesday. However, some teachers have already prepared for the event and are using it as a teaching tool about protest.

The American Civil Liberties Union has pledged to protect students' legal rights to peacefully protest at the March 14 and 24 events. Several Tennessee school systems have said they won't punish kids for walking out of school - other than recording an absence for the day, if they miss that day.