$4,000 Worth of sunglasses stolen in Murfreesboro

$4,000 Worth of sunglasses stolen in Murfreesboro  | theft,shoplifting,the avenue,sunglasses,murfreesboro

A sizable theft occurred at the Sunglass Hut on Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro.

Police spoke to the manager of the store who told them that two women came in and stole approximately $4,000 worth of sunglasses. The theft occurred as the Sunglass Hut employee was busy attending to other customers.

Evidently, a witness to the theft who was a customer inside the store, chased the two women out the front door and saw them run to a waiting Ford Focus with a dealer tag on the back. The tag returned to a Nashville dealership.

No arrest has been made.


MPD Incident 18-3775