3 Suspects Pled Guilty To 2-Year Old Teen Drug Overdose Death

3 Suspects Pled Guilty To 2-Year Old Teen Drug Overdose Death | Smyrna, TN, police, 16-year old male, deceased, drug overdose, pled guilty, WGNS

(L-R) Eric Crowell, William Yager, and Brett Austin Mccord


(SMYRNA) It sometimes takes a long time from when a tragedy occurs to when the case is resolved. The three suspects who were responsible for a 16-year old Smyrna, Tennessee youth having a drug overdose have pled guilty in the Rutherford County Circuit Court.

Smyrna Police Officer Connie Pegram told WGNS that Eric Crowell plead guilty of Criminal Negligent Homicide and casual exchange of heroin to a minor, and William Yager plead guilty to casual exchange of heroin to a minor--both men were from Lebanon. In addition, Brett Austin Mccord of Smyrna plead guilty to Criminal Negligent Homicide.

It was two-years ago (5/9/2017) when Smyrna Police responded to a drug overdose of a 16-year old at 136 Frontier Drive. The teen was taken to the ER, but he never recovered and died a few days later.

Officer Pegram noted that the investigation revealed that Crowell, Yager and McCord were responsible for the 16 year old having acquired the Heroin that helped to cause his death.

This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Trial Defense Service, and the Smyrna Police Department.


Case Numbers:

[cid:6C9C1DBA-32CC-42B1-89CD-ADB1E0918494] Eric Crowell

[cid:9EBC2EFA-D3AB-4681-B202-F4213543D0E3] Brett McCord

[cid:332EB86A-65BA-4E83-92CB-A916FF93C011] William Yager