37 Bottles of Perfume STOLEN from Local Store in the Avenue

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Saying the thieves wanted to smell good would be an understatement… A total of 37-bottles of perfume were stolen from the Ulta store located in the Avenue shopping center this past Thursday. The Avenue is where the Victoria Secret store has been hit by thieves three times in the past three months. Thousands of dollars’ worth of bras and panties have been stolen from that store.

The manager of the Ulta store reported that she noticed several wrappers around one section of the retail outlet. The manager checked out the recorded surveillance video footage and saw two women steal $2,296 worth of perfume. The two subjects evidently stuffed the bottles of fragrance into their oversized purses and calmly walked out of the store.

At this point the shoplifters have not been caught and it is not known if the perfume heist is related to the underwear theft at the nearby Victoria Secret store. Both cases are under investigation.  


Perfume theft report filed by the MPD: #13-14698

Victoria Secret Theft(s)

July MPD Incident Report #13-14652
July MPD Incident Report #13-13946
June MPD Incident Report #13-0920