Aggravated Assault at Memorial Walgreens

Aggravated Assault at Memorial Walgreens | aggravated assault, attempted carjacking, Murfreesboro news, Murfreesboro Police

A 49-year old Jackson, Tennessee, woman fought off a would-be armed attacker in the Walgreen's parking lot at the corner of Memorial Boulevard and Thompson Lane.

According to police reports, the woman was sitting in her car at the drug store just after 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon when a man raised his shirt, displayed a handgun and pointed it through her window.

The victim told officers the man said "you're not going to believe this, but I need a ride and if you scream, I'll shoot."

The victim grabbed the gun by the barrel and they fought over it. She then put the car in reverse and left the scene. She traveled a few block away down Thompson Lane before calling Murfreesboro Police.

The suspect is described as a white male with red hair and had a scruffy appearance.

Detective Raymond Daniels was called in to continue the investigation.

SOURCE: MPD Incident Report 18-9773