ANOTHER Business Owner Falls Victim to Scam in Murfreesboro

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Photo: Photo of the card victims in scams like this are asked to buy

Another electric bill scam has been reported. This time, the victim was told over the phone that he owed over $700 to Murfreesboro Electric. WGNS' Bryan Barrett has more...

Just like past scams WGNS has reported, the Murfreesboro victim told police he was told to buy a “Green Dot” gift card. After buying the card, the unknown caller phoned the victim back asking for the card number. The victim, who owns a popular Greek style restaurant in the area of Old Fort Parkway, contacted the electric department where he was told to call the police.

According to past reports WGNS has uncovered, it would appear that the culprit or culprits behind the scam target businesses that are operated by residents who made their way to America to follow their dreams. Never did business owners like the one in this most recent case, ever imagine being scammed out of $700 plus dollars while serving others on a daily basis.


MPD Incident #13-21988