Another Local State Senate Seat Open

Another Local State Senate Seat Open | Jim Tracy, state senate, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS, resignation

Now that State Senator Jim Tracy has been named Tennessee Director of the USDA, that will leave a void in the upper chamber.

A provision in the Tennessee Constitution (Article II, Section 26), says that a person holding any office under the authority of the United States is unable to serve in the state's general assembly.

Tracy resigned his state senate seat on Monday, leaving it vacant.

First elected in 2004, Tracy rose in leadership to Speaker Pro Tem. He says he's very proud of some of the things accomplished during his 13-years in Nashville:

"We are one of the best run states in the country. Our pension is funded very well. We've done a lot of great things. Our unemployment rate is the lowest its been in the history. And right now, we're growing small businesses than any state in the United States. And you know, Rutherford County's experienced tremendous growth in the last 13-years that I've been in the senate."

Rutherford County Election Administrator Alan Farley tells NewsRadio WGNS he's awaiting word from the governor on the time frame of Tracy's resignation.

He adds there could be a special election to fill Tracy's seat or an appointment by the Bedford County Commission, depending on when he resigns due to state statue.

With the announcement just hours after Tracy's resignation that Shane Reeves, a Murfreesboro businessman, would seek the vacant seat, it seems likely a special election will take place sometime in 2018.

With Tracy's upcoming resignation, the upper chamber will have all new representation for Rutherford County. Senator Bill Ketron announced months ago he would retire to run for County Mayor after this session. County Mayor Ernest Burgess and Rep. Dawn White have both announced they'll seek Ketron's Senate seat.

Voters in Wilson, Cannon, DeKalb, Clay, Macon and Smith Counties will choose a replacement for Republican Mae Beavers, who resigned to run for governor.

Senators Mark Norris and Doug Overby have been appointed as U.S. Attorneys by the Trump administration, leaving their seats vacant as well.