FREE Self-Improvement Classes

Jan 22, 2021 at 09:23 am by WGNS

FREE self-improvement classes through Barnabas Vision are offered on-line every Monday through Friday.  As of right now, all classes are on Zoom and participants are able to freely dial in.

Class Schedule (All Free):

• “Mom’s Group” every Monday at 10:30AM
• “Women’s Me Hour” Every Tuesday 10:30AM
• “Bible Study” every Wednesday at 1:00PM
• “Coping Skills Class” every Thursday at 10:00AM
• “Biblical Coping Skills Class” every Friday at 10:00AM

Monthly Schedule (All Free):

• “Cooking on a Budget,” at 11:00AM on the 4th Tuesday every month
• “Parenting Class” on the 1st ,2nd, and 4th Wednesday night at 6:30PM.  
• “Budgeting Class” on the 3rd Thursday in Feb. at 10:00AM

For more details, please email