Rutherford County's new way to sign-up for COVID VACCINATION

Jan 27, 2021 at 09:13 am by Producer

(L-R) LeShan Dixon, Bill Ketron, Dr. Lori McDonald

Rutherford County Interinm Health Department Director LeShan Dixon, Dr. Lori McDonald, and County Mayor Bill Ketron have exciting news about the local COVID-19 vaccinations. As of right now, call 615-849-0347 and get a time for your second shot. St this time it is for the 2nd shot only, and has to be approved by the State to sign-up for the first vaccination. 

In addition, County Mayor Ketron announces a $9.8 million grant that has been to cover rental fees, utility bills, etc. for persons who have been hit by this pandemic. This grant becomes effective March 1, 2021.