Sep 19, 2021 at 07:10 pm by WGNS

RCFR photos

(RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN)  Saturation storms are in the forecast through mid-day Wednesday (9/22/2021). Local law enforcement officials warn motorists not to attempt to travel on roadways that are covered with water. 

Murfreesboro Fire-Rescue Chief Mark Foulks shared an experience many years ago when he was answering an emergency call and driving a 20-ton firetruck through flowing water on a roadway. He noted that the depth was only a few inches, but as he continued--the heavy emergency vehicle started to be moved by the water. He made it across, but realized then how powerful only a few inches of water can be.


The phrase "turn around, don't drown" takes on new meaning when you consider attempting to travel on water covered roadways in a pickup truck or a car. 

Rutherford County Fire-Rescue Chief Larry Farley said, "We want to take this moment to remind everyone to not try to navigate these high waters. It's extremely dangerous. You don't know how deep it is and have no way of knowing what kind of current could be flowing underneath."

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