Happy 95th Birthday Hazel Tarpley

Oct 20, 2021 at 07:06 pm by WGNS

Field Representative Lynne Davis shares a congratulatory message from U.S. Congressman DesJarlais.

(MURFREESBORO) Hazel Tarpley was the guest of honor Wednesday (10/20/2021) at Mindful Care Adult Day Services, while friends helped celebrate her 96th birthday. 

Typically, Hazel stays at home and participates in the activities by Zoom. However, her daughters, Carol Breece and Cathy Rowe, brought their mother to the program so that staff, board members and others could wish her a happy birthday in person.


Guests included representatives from the offices of Rutherford County Mayor Shane McFarland and U.S. Congressman Scott DesJarlais.

Party-goers enjoyed pizza for lunch followed by cake made by daughter Carol.

Her daughter Carol Tarpley Breece commented, "Where do I even begin telling you about my mom. She’s never traveled the world, never held any prestigious office, never written a book, but to know her is to love her. Our kitchen table not only fed us six children, but many a guest as well.  Mom would literally invite people to dinner who she just met that morning at church.  Often, she was a listening ear for the hurting, a counselor, and always a friend to many. I look back on our early days and wonder how she did it all.  She grew a huge garden, cooked everything from scratch, made most of our clothes, and even made my wedding gown. She helped us with homework, 4-H projects, and still managed to find time to teach Sunday School and VBS. I truly don't think she got much sleep for years. Our society honors football players and celebrities, but no one deserves more honor than my mom.”

About Mindful Care

Mindful Care Adult Day Services welcomes adults age 55 and older who suffer from early-onset to mid-stage Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments. The non-profit program operates Monday through Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM at First United Methodist Church, 265 West Thompson Lane.

For more information, call Cynthia or Jamie at 615-542-4371. Openings are available.



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