Thieves are once again on the prowl for catalytic converters in Rutherford County

May 12, 2022 at 05:33 pm by WGNS

(Rutherford County, TN) Catalytic converter thefts are in the news again. The most recent rash of thefts took place in the city limits of Murfreesboro and police department detectives are investigating the cases to hopefully nab the catalytic converter thief.

On April 20th, an unknown subject drove into a business parking lot on Joe B. Jackson Parkway and actually cut a catalytic converter off of a vehicle that was parked in the lot. The target vehicle that was hit by the thief was a perfectly good running ride - which still runs, but is now 10-times louder than before. The reason the victim’s vehicle is so much louder is because the unscrupulous bandit had to cut the exhaust system in half to take the converter off.

In case you are not familiar with the catalytic converter, it is part of a vehicles exhaust system and contains a catalyst for converting pollutant gases into less harmful ones. The catalytic converter is attached to the undercarriage of a car or truck and typically sits near (alongside or behind) a cars transmission. It is connected to the exhaust tubing that ties into the exhaust manifold, which is bolted to the engine. The tubing behind the catalytic converter leads to the muffler. Of course, if a thief cuts a catalytic converter off a vehicle, then exhaust fumes exit from the exhaust tubing where the cut was made – thus bypassing the muffler and the rest of the exhaust system. In other words, if you’re a victim of catalytic converter bandits, you will know you’re a victim the second you start your ride.

Can You Help Police? Murfreesboro Police are asking for the publics help in identifying the thief. If you recognize the person or vehicle seen in the photo above this story, please let the authorities know by contacting Detective Jamison at 629-201-5581 or email

2021 Law Change: In Tennessee, laws were amended in 2021 to curb catalytic converter thefts. House Bill 1155 and Senate Bill 1612 went into effect on July 1st of last year and as enacted, established certain requirements for persons engaged in the business of buying or selling unattached catalytic converters. The bill prohibits a scrap metal dealer from purchasing or acquiring a used, detached catalytic converter unless the purchase meets a certain criteria that is stated in the law. The amendment prohibits the shipment of a used, detached catalytic converter, unless the converter is being shipped between licensed entities. If you break the law that focuses on catalytic converters, you face a Class A misdemeanor. The change in law that was passed in 2021 and amends TCA Title 38; Title 55 and Title 62.

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