"Senior Moments" with Arosa Care

Jan 26, 2023 at 09:17 am by WGNS

(L-R) Nicki King, Erin Keogh-Rankin, and Amanda Lankford

The "Senior Moments" segment features vital information relating to helping senior citizens. Guests are from Arosa Care: Middle Tennessee Life Care Manager Erin Keogh-Rankin, Area Director Murfreesboro/Shelbyville Amanda Lankford, and Care Manager Nicki King. 

  • Needs for senior citizens change with seasons. Depression sets-in with the cold-darkness of winter. The Arosa team discusses things to do that will help the seniors.
  • Care management needs.
  • Caregiver information.
  • Creative ways to keep patients active and independent (listening to music, reading books, safe field trips, etc.).
  • Update on COVID issues as they impact senior citizens.
  • Arosa offers a professional caregiver to go with the patient for doctor's visits. This includes helping adults with "special needs". This is vital, because the "special needs" child often outlives parents. Arosa helps to make plans for this situation. 
  • EXAMPLE: a daughter living in Texas contacted their Tennessee Arosa caregiver to say "dad is on his way to the ER in an ambulance". The Arosa caregiver rused to the local hospital and was able professional speak to the "situation at hand" and help the physicians. 
  • Information about Alzheimers and dementia cases.
  • Help needed for spouses being a caregiver for their spouse. Arosa will help in this delicate situation. 

For more information, phone 615-848-6774 or visit their website www.ArosaCare.com