📺 Daylighting Town Creek Project: Drone Footage from Inside the Culvert

Apr 09, 2024 at 03:26 pm by WGNS News


We've been talking for several years about the Town Creek Daylighting Project. You can see work to remove buildings on NW Broad Street has already begun as the project is underway. Recently, a survey inside the large underground culverts was done. Check out the footage from the City of Murfreesboro in the video below.


Here's the full video story from the City of Murfreesboro



Murfreesboro, TN - The City of Murfreesboro is making significant strides in enhancing the Murfree Spring Wetland, a natural gem under the care of the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department. City officials have directed efforts towards reinforcing the boardwalk that winds through the 25-acre wetland, beginning behind the Discovery Center, a popular hands-on children's museum.

After months of closure for repairs, the front section of the boardwalk is now open to visitors, showcasing the commitment to maintaining this unique city park located near the corner of Maney Avenue and Broad Streets. The meticulous repairs involved reinforcing the elevated walkways through the addition of a new brace system, ensuring the safety and longevity of this picturesque pathway.

One of the noteworthy developments to soon accompany this project is the imminent unveiling, or "daylighting," of Town Creek. Currently flowing underground in a culvert system between the Murfree Spring Wetland and Cannonsburgh, the creek is set to be brought to the surface. To facilitate this transformation, the City of Murfreesboro has acquired several properties along Broad Street. Parks Director Nate Williams stated...


The Historic Bottoms area, encompassing Cannonsburgh, will witness the resurrection of Town Creek, marking the downtown area along Broad Street as a future park destination. Envisioned as an attractive space, the park will boast amenities such as a splash-pad, picnic areas, and a stage area for outdoor concerts and events. A planned pedestrian bridge over Broad Street will connect the courthouse area to this new park and creek space.

This ambitious project aligns with the city's commitment to urban development and community engagement. The anticipated park and creek area will feature trails connecting to the existing Greenway and Murfree Springs, enhancing connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

Originally placed underground in the 1950's to mitigate flooding in the Historic Bottoms, Town Creek's unearthing comes with extended banks that incorporate walkways and more, contributing to a proposed purpose and plan for a vibrant and flood-resistant environment. The completion of this transformative initiative is expected to not only enrich the recreational offerings in downtown Murfreesboro but also serve as a catalyst for desirable growth and continued economic development in the heart of the city.


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