Blackman Student a BBB Scholarship Winner

Blackman Student a BBB Scholarship Winner | Kayla Reed, Blackman High School, Student of Integrity, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS, Better Business Bureau, BBB

The Better Business Bureau awards four "Student of Integrity" Scholarships each year. Terrie Page, local branch manager, tells NewsRadio WGNS a Blackman High School student is one of this year's recipients...

Kayla Reed's scholarship essay was on the importance of being an independent thinker and securing your foundation as an individual WITHOUT compromising your integrity.

Page says if Reed decides to go to Belmont University's College of Business, they'll match her 25-hundred dollar BBB scholarship.

Reed was chosen from hundreds of essays submitted from all across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky and is awarded by the BBB's Integrity Foundation, a 501c3.