Bras and Panties Popular Among Murfreesboro Shoplifters

Bras and Panties Popular Among Murfreesboro Shoplifters | panties, Victoria Secret, Victoria, the Avenue, Avenue, Murfreesboro shoplifting, Murfreesboro news, WGNS

The secret is out that Victoria Secret located in the Avenue shopping center is the place to steal underwear, that according to multiple police reports filed in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, staff at the store reported another bra and panties heist. This time, two females and one male entered the store and walked off with  about $2,000 worth of undergarments. The merchandise was lifted from a front display area.

About two weeks ago we told you about 45-pairs of bras and panties that were stolen from the Victoria Secret store. The time before that in June, over $1,200 worth of merchandise was taken.

At this point, no suspects have been named and no arrests have been made.


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July MPD Incident Report #13-13946
June MPD Incident Report #13-0920