Camp PRiSM at MTSU teaches all kinds of things to kids, even ooey and gooey things

Take a bunch of boys and girls from Mitchell-Neilson Elementary School in Murfreesboro.

Add Caleb Hough, an MTSU senior biology major supplying ingredients to make something ooey and gooey June 11 in Cantrell Hall of MTSU's Tom H. Jackson Building.

Hough helped teach the students how to make slime. Of course, he was a little more technical in his description...

Slime making is just one of many fun learning activities experienced by the youngsters during this year's Camp PRiSM.

Camp PRiSM (Practices in Science and Mathematics) is a collaboration between MTSU and Murfreesboro City Schools. The camp utilizes the expertise of faculty from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences to increase the students' knowledge in the areas of mathematics, science and technology.

The Murfreesboro City Schools students interact with MTSU students and faculty in inquiry-based learning and independent exploration. The camp, which operates out of Mitchell-Neilson School, meets for two weeks in June.

When not at Mitchell-Neilson, a number of planned activities occur on the MTSU campus.

For more information, contact Mimi Thomas, coordinator of the Camp PRiSM program for MTSU, by calling 615-898-5311 or email