Center for the Arts Bash--HUGE Success!

The Center for the Arts held its major fundraiser of the year Saturday night, and Executive Director Patience Long said, "It was a huge success"!

Long explained that it costs $15,000 to $20,000 for every performance. That includes royalties, costumes, props and more. She noted, "That is why public support is so important, and that is what the Bash was all about."

The evening began with photographs of the community celebrities as they entered on the red carpet. After that a delicious dinner catered by Peter D's along with drinks from Murfreesboro Wine and Spirits.

After dinner the silent auction took the spotlight, followed by a cute "heads or tails" game in which the winner received season tickets to the Center for the Arts. The entire audience participated by putting their hands on either their "heads" or "tails". Several rounds got the players down to two. After a few more times with no winner, they decided to split the tickets.

After that Jay Cash auctioned off various items, but the final round was a unique trip to Panama City Beach. The winner would be the last person to bid.

Everyone in the audience had a number card, and every time they raised the card it was a $100 bid. The bid kept going, and those $100 bids kept growing.

Cash said, "Woops, I forgot to mention you get tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies." He then increased the bid per raising of the card to $300. The crowd went wild and kept bidding.

Cash noted, "Patience wants me to wrap this part up so that the dance can begin. The bid will now be $500 per each raising of your number." That didn't slow things, but finally--they had a winner."

Then the curtains opened and the DJ for the evening, Stephen Belk, took over the stage as the dancers headed down to cap off the evening.

Hear Bart's complete interview with Patience Long: