Christiana Resident Gets Phone Service Repaired

Christiana Resident Gets Phone Service Repaired | family without AT&T phone service, over a week, repaired, Christiana, Link Road, WGNS

(CHRISTIANA) WGNS reported that a Link Road resident in Christiana had been without telephone service since Christmas Eve, and that he was not getting any assistance from AT&T.

Mixed Messages

The resident told WGNS, "I called AT&T and was told that the cable was cut, but it's difficult to get more than very basic information from their call centers with representatives in distant locations."

He commented, "It would be nice if after repairing the problem, they would at least call to say I'm sorry or let me know that they appreciate my business."

The Nashville AT&T office contacted WGNS to get the particulars on the customer who had been without phone service for over a week.

And the Good News

"I have a dialtone, sometime after midday (Friday 1/3/2020) my wife reported that the robocalls started coming back in."

The Christiana professor told WGNS on Thursday (1/2/2020) night, "Just to pass this along, many thanks to WGNS. The landline outage that my family and I had experienced is seemingly back to good working order now. Let's presume regardless of the number of customers affected, it's fixed now. No, I did not receive a phone call or email or knock at the door from anyone saying I'm sorry or thank you for your business, but at least it's good news to report!"

Customer Concluded

The professor said, "Though my landline service may be back, for now, it is the handling of the situation by AT&T that is still a concern, and in my opinion still a worthy topic for discussion. The AT&T system and its large, corporate structures should know how to triage longer-term service outages, be they residential or business services, even the old-fashioned ones, and reach out more proactively, scale their services and customer relationships in friendlier ways. The consumer, the customer, is not someone to be afraid of; but unreasonable situations, however small, deserve reasonable attention."