College Tuition Could Be On The Rise


College Tuition Could Be On The Rise | college, tuition, WGNS, Murfreesboro news, Smyrna news, WGNS News, MTSU, Motlow State Community College

Motlow State Community College, located in Smyrna.

Tuition increases could be in store for many college students in Tennessee. According to published reports, some public universities, like MTSU, could see increases of between four-and-eight-percent to offset reduced state funding. Community college students, like those at Motlow State, could see an increase of between two-point-six and 10-point-six percent. Officials at a Tennessee Board of Regents Finance Committee meeting last week reviewed estimated increases at each school. The University of Memphis submitted a plan to avoid an increase. Projected increases at other schools varied. Officials say the numbers are preliminary. Formal tuition proposals will be ready on May 27.