DesJarlais' Name on Note of Virginia Gunman

DesJarlais' Name on Note of Virginia Gunman | Scott DesJarlais, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS, congressional baseball, shooting

The name of U.S. Congressman Scott DesJarlais was on a note found with the gunman who opened fire at the practice for the Congressional Baseball game.

DesJarlais' name, along with that of five other congressman, was found on shooter James Hodgkinson. The local congressman's office did confirm this with media but said there will be no further comment since the investigation is on-going.

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot when Hodgkinson opened fire while Republicans were practicing for a charity baseball game. A congressional staffer, lobbyist and two Capitol Police officers were also injured. The gunman was killed in a shootout with authorities.