Discounters Offer Regular Gas at $2.59 Per Gallon

Discounters Offer Regular Gas at $2.59 Per Gallon  | gas prices, Murfreesboro, $2.43, WGNS, AAA

The weekly stats from AAA show the average price of gasoline in the Volunteer State is $2.59 per gallon. Some 'Boro discounters started the new week with regular gas selling for $2.43.

That keeps Murfreesboro with the lowest price, and Cleveland is second with$2.51. AAA shows Nashville had the most expensive gas with regular petro selling for $2.65 per gallon.

AAA also notes, if you're one of the 16.5 million U.S. drivers who has used premium fuel despite the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, press that 87 octane button and save yourself some money. AAA's analysis found that there is no benefit to using premium fuel in vehicles designed to run on regular gas or that recommend, but do not require premium gasoline.

AAA tested regular and premium gasoline in vehicles designed to operate on regular-grade fuel. The laboratory testing found no significant improvement in horsepower, fuel economy or emissions, suggesting the practice of using premium gasoline when it's not required for the vehicle offers no advantage.