Don't Let Your Halloween End up in the ER

Don't Let Your Halloween End up in the ER | Halloween, accidents, candy, eating too much candy, moderation, halloween candy, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS, St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital

Halloween is supposed to be a fun night for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, it can turn into a nightmare if you don't practice safety and moderation.

Dr. Zachary Olson with St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital, who is an emergency room resident, tells NewsRadio WGNS it's tragic to see pedestrian versus vehicle accidents, but they do:

Dr. Olson says the day after Halloween can bring parents with children to the E-R for a different reason:

Dr. Olson says it's important to preach moderation to kids eating Halloween candy. It's suggested parents go through their child's candy loot, portion it out and save some for a week. You could even freeze some for later.