DUI Number Three is What One Man Faces

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DUI Number three is the charge that a 52-year old Murfreesboro man faces after being pulled over for a light violation this week. When Police walked to the window of the suspect’s vehicle, he allegedly took a mug and threw it into the passenger side of his ride.  An Officer of the Law then noticed the subject smelled of what was described as “an odor of intoxicant.”

The cup that the man threw to the floorboard reportedly contained beer. When asked to recite the alphabet starting with the letter “C,” the arrest report shows the man stated, “C-X-Y” instead of “C-D-E…” During the 9 step walk the suspect took 7 steps the first time and 8 on the walk back.

When police checked the license status of the subject it came back as “Revoked.” It also showed that he had two prior DUI’s, thus making this most recent stop charge number three.

According to Tennessee law, an offender’s vehicle can be seized after only the second DUI conviction.


MPD Arrest Report #13-18167