Election Adminstrator's Fate May Be Decided July 7th

Election Adminstrator's Fate May Be Decided July 7th | Election Administrator Nicole Lester, Rutherford County Election Commission, Chairman Ransom Jones, chair dissatisfied with her job performance, WGNS

The fate of Rutherford County Election Administrator Nicole Lester remains unknown. That issue may be decided at the commission's next regular monthly meeting. The new fiscal year begins July 1st, and so does an increase in salary to $92,640 for Lester.

As you recall, the Rutherford County Election Commission met on June 9th, when Chairman Ransom Jones brought up dissatisfaction with the number of hours Lester was putting-in. He indicated that her job performance was creating morale issues with the office's seven full-time employees.

Lester, who is an attorney, reportedly checked with the state about the "open meetings" law and the chair discussing firing her without it being written on the agenda. Since the June 9th meeting was not on the "regular meeting day", Open-Records Counsel Elisha Hodge with the Tennessee comptroller of the treasury ruled the "open meetings" law had been violated. However, no action was taken at that gathering.

The Rutherford County Election Commission's "regular meeting" time is on the first Monday of each month. Since the June 9th meeting was on the second Monday, it should have been classified as a "special meeting". Under that category, everything to be discussed should have been on the agenda.

Chairman Jones stated that they next "regular meeting" date is 5:00 o'clock Monday afternoon, July 7th. at the Election Commission Office on the south side of the Murfreesboro square. WGNS News will keep you informed.