Expect Gas Prices To Spike After Pipeline Leak

Expect Gas Prices To Spike After Pipeline Leak | gas, gas pipeline, gas pipeline leak, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS, Colonial Pipeline

Gas prices are expected to spike as much as 20 cents on the East Coast over the next week and a major fuel pipeline leak in Alabama is to blame. Colonial Pipeline shut down a section of one of its pipelines last week after an employee discovered the massive leak.

While there isn't a threat to public safety, the leak is expected to hit consumers in the pocketbook and Rutherford County residents may not be immune. Oil industry analysts say the leak is expected to cause gas prices in Tennessee and other East Coast states like Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, South and North Carolina and others to jump as much as 20-cents per gallon. Both Georgia and Alabama have declared states of emergency because of the leak.

This comes as suppliers are trying to find other ways to get fuel to customers. But experts say it will be difficult to be able to match the one-point-three million barrels a day produced by the leaking pipeline.

Some gas stations around the state are reporting they're out of petro and don't know when they'll get their next shipment.