Fake IRS Calls in Rutherford County

Fake IRS Calls in Rutherford County | IRS, scam, Murfreesboro news, NewsRadio WGNS

Screenshot of the voicemail message from the IRS scammer.

Beware of calls from the IRS. WGNS' own Bryan Barrett received a call Thursday from the IRS. The voicemail message, from a number from Chicago Heights, Illinois, said the Internal Revenue Service is filing a lawsuit against you. It gave a number to call "immediately." But when a return phone call was made, a man with a heavy accent answered "IRS." When Bryan identified himself, the station number on the caller ID was realized. That's when the man reportedly from the IRS hung up. Repeated calls to the number now give a busy signal.

The purpose of this story is to remind residents these are scams. These people want your personal information and they'll take your money. If you get a call from the IRS, hang up and call them yourself. Anytime the IRS is looking into your filings, you'll receive a letter in the mail.

Scammers are hard at work to steal your identify. Please take steps to ensure you're not their next victim.