Get Your Aloha on with a Job at Omni Hut

Get Your Aloha on with a Job at Omni Hut | Omni Hut, job openings, now hiring, Polly Walls, NewsRadio WGNS

A 55-year tradition in Smyrna, Omni Hut is looking for outgoing people to join their team. Polly Walls tells NewsRadio WGNS they have immediate job openings at the restaurant that's been in Smyrna since 1960.

Looking for a job and a unique experience? Call 615-459-4870 now to schedule a face to face interview at Omni Hut.


The Omni Hut was established in 1960. While traveling over a million miles as an Air Force pilot, I continuously pursued my hobby of Poly-Asian cookery. Good food , good chefs and good recipes have always intrigued me. In Alaska, they say "gold is where you find it!" Good food, like gold, is where you find it! My recipes have come from many small obscure, owner operated restaurants.. from friends.. from Hong Kong to Panama.. from Hawaii to Alaska. The adventure of seeking out better recipes and palatable dishes continues.

In presenting our humble menu, we favor the Chinese method of cooking, since Free China's Chef are the unchallenged Chefs of the world. The Chinese have been cooking as an art since 700BC. This is 2000 years before the Italian merchant and trader, Marco Polo, went to China. I have often wondered if he didn't "weasel" the recipe from the Chinese.. for at the time, the Chinese were serving mein (noodle) dishes.

The them for the artistic drawing on the cover our menu was conceived when I saw two Polynesian stone carvings.. one the Goddess of Hula, the other, the God of Harvest. The artist, Stephen Shively of Peoria, Illinois, did a magnificent job in expressing something I envisioned.