House fire in nearby Wartrace

House fire in nearby Wartrace | Wartrace fire,fire,Wartrace

Coffee County Deputy Joey Ricco responded to a call around 4am Tuesday at 1344 French Brantley Road in Wartrace due to a structure fire.

Once he arrived on scene, Ricco noticed that the whole house was engulfed in flames along with the yard and the swimming pool. He then was able to make contact with the owner of the residence, and he informed Ricco that he was at home by himself. He advised that he was in the kitchen and had placed the stove and oven on clean mode and then left the residence to go to the store. Once he arrived back at the residence he then went upstairs and then started hearing the smoke alarms going off.

North Coffee Fire Department and other volunteer fire stations arrived on scene along with state forestry and stopped the fire from going over the hill side.


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