Swap and Shop for Wednesday

Mar 03, 2021 at 08:09 am by Producer

FOR SALE: 6-foot bush hog $500 615-785-4001
WANTS: 3 round bales of hay 731-443-4246
FOR SALE: iPhone 8 plus $300 629-207-0680
FOR SALE: full-size sheet $20 615-603-8584
FOR SALE: 17-inch Dodge rims and Firestone tires; 4x8 dump trailer, backpack blower 615-653-9156
FREE: wood pallets 615-478-4851
FOR SALE: Set of 4 16-inch rims for Ford pickup (includes chrome beauty rings) 615-542-8522
FOR SALE: 2016 Kawasaki Ninja with 300-miles, manual transmission, $5,800 615-663-2100
FOR SALE: mini-refrigerator (new) $20 678-994-3205
FOR SALE or TRADE: SKS rifle with 32-round clip; 12 gauge pump shotgun 615-785-5288
FOR SALE: wooden dresser and chest of drawers 615-738-8441
FREE SERVICE: will pickup unwanted washers and dryers 615-663-4980
FOR SALE: farm-fresh brown eggs $3/dozen 615-796-7867
WANTS: pair of MTSU baseball season tickets 615-482-3957 (Larry)

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