Rep. Terry COVID-19 Briefing 6-26-20

"We have over 39,444 cases reported on the brief. Understand that those are positive cases and not just positive tests. Here are a couple of points to address. First, Dr. Redfield from the CDC has stated that between 5-8% of the population probably already has had coronavirus and testing has probably only picked up 10% of those who have been positive. So, likely there have been between 340,00 and 540,000 Tennesseans who have already had COVID-19. If you go by the 10% figure, then around 400K have probably had it. Secondly, Vanderbilt projected that if we removed COVID-19 restrictions that we would have about 13% of the population become infected or around 880,000 Tennesseans. If DR. Redfield is correct, and there is a lot of distrust of the CDC right now, it would mean that Tennessee is about halfway to Vanderbilt's projection."