Jobseeker scammed in Murfreesboro

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The Murfreesboro victim thought she had landed the perfect job after talking to a woman who was allegedly named Tiffany Jayss online. The victim told police she met the woman through a website called ""

The police report showed that the Jayss subject sent her a cashier's check for $1,995. The woman told the victim to deposit the check into her account and then withdraw $1,500 of it and deposit that into another account. The subject even gave the 21-year-old woman an account number and bank to deposit the money into on Monday (6/26/17).

After the victim followed her instruction, she was notified by her bank that the cashier's check was a fake, which meant her account was suddenly in the negative.

No arrest has been made as it is not known where the suspect actually lives or if "Tiffany Jayss" is even her real name.


MPD Incident 17-13577