Local tattoo artist accused of sexual assault


A local tattoo artist in Rutherford County has been accused of improperly touching an 18-year old female. The victim called the authorities and stated that while lying on her left side to get the new tattoo, the shirt she was wearing kept falling open to expose her right breast. It was a shirt that the artist gave the victim to use.

The female said that as the subject was rubbing Vaseline on her new tattoo, she looked back and noticed the man was making “masturbation motions,” according to the report WGNS obtained from the police department. The woman claimed that the artist then rubbed his penis against her while she was on her side.

The victim became upset and told the suspect to get out of the room so that she could get dressed. The man complied and the victim left, making a call to her mother and later the police. Detectives were made aware of the situation, but no charges have been filed.

The description of the offense was labeled as a “Sexual Assault.” WGNS is not releasing the location of the incident, as no arrests have been made nor have charges been filed.


MPD Incident #14-6931