Man charged with felony drug possession in Murfreesboro - Placed under $120,500 bond

Man charged with felony drug possession in Murfreesboro - Placed under $120,500 bond | Arthur Burt, Burt, Murfreesboro drugs, Murfreesboro news, WGNS news, WGNS, Oxymorphone, Oxycocone, Alprazolam, pills

Arthur Burt

A ledger outlining possible drug sales and three bottles of pills were some of the items that police took in as evidence against a man charged with felony drug possession this week in Murfreesboro. Officer J. Rourke says that he pulled over 30-year old Arthur Burt, Jr. because he had prior knowledge that Burt did not have a valid license to be driving.

Upon stopping Burt on S. Church St., Officer Rourke wrote, “I observed a pill bottle between the drivers seat and center console, with no prescription on the bottle.” The suspect was then asked to step out of his car. Police say they found one pill bottle in Burt’s pocket that had the prescription sticker scraped off of it. A third bottle was then located in his other shorts pocket. Shortly after the arresting officer found the pills, he located “a ledger containing drug transactions.” The report shows that consent was given to search Burt’s cell phone as well, which revealed “drug transactions in text messages.”

The MPD Vice Unit was called to the scene and seized the cell phone and over $700 in cash. Some of the pills taken in by police included Oxymorphone, Oxycocone and Alprazolam. Two straws with possible drug residue on them, were also taken into evidence.

In addition to felony drug charges being filed against Burt, who has been arrested several times before, he was also served three warrants.

The Mercury Boulevard man was placed under a $120,500 bond. At this point, he remains behind bars. He will appear in a Rutherford County Courtroom on September 30, 2014.


Looking back to December of last year, Burt was charged with the 4th time with DUI. That story can be seen here. 


MPD Arrest Report #14-13831
Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office