Man Shot in Murfreesboro on Saturday, but Uncooperative

Man Shot in Murfreesboro on Saturday, but Uncooperative  | Keith Shephard,Murfreesboro shooting,shooting,North Highland

Shooting victims are typically transported to the hospital by way of ambulance, but not in this case.

19 Year old Keith Shephard from Smyrna was shot once in the right leg near his ankle on Saturday around 6:00 in the evening. After being shot, a man transported him to the St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Medical staff reported the man who took him to the Emergency Room was not wearing a shirt and immediately left after dropping him off. A surveillance camera at the ER showed a silver Nissan Maxima dropped off the gunshot victim.

As for where the shooting took place, the only information Shephard would give to police, is that the shooting happened "Somewhere in Murfreesboro."

A bystander who told police they wanted to be anonymous, suggested that gun shots were heard in the area of North Highland Avenue and Huntington Drive right before the victim was taken to the hospital.

The case is under investigation.


MPD Incident 16-18985