Man with Gun and Child in SUV Charged with 4th DUI

Man with Gun and Child in SUV Charged with 4th DUI | DUI,arrest,Murfreesboro,police

A 26 year old Murfreesboro man has been arrested on his 4th DUI charge, according to a recent arrest report filed this past Friday (10-12-18).

John Robert Savko was witnessed by someone at a Mapco gas station on Broad Street struggling to get his SUV started. Apparently, the Jeep had an ignition interlock device installed that was preventing him from turning the vehicle on.

As officers arrived and approached Savko, he was sitting behind the wheel of the car "passed out" with an 8 year old child in the front seat. When police woke the suspect, he allegedly stated that he was "Gathering his thoughts." The report went on to state, "I asked Mr. Savko if he had any weapons on him and he lifted his shirt and tried to grab a .380 handgun that was in a holster on his person." The gun was quickly secured and locked in the patrol car.
During a conversation with Savko, police say he continued to "doze off and snore." A field sobriety test evidently did not stop the sleep. "Mr. Savko fell asleep while doing his walk and turn," according to an arrest report.

The man was charged with his 4th DUI and also charged for driving on a revoked license. Dispatch confirmed that his license was previously revoked for DUI.

As for the child, the Department of Children Services were called and the 8 year old was returned to his mother.


MPD Arrest 18-22599