Mayoral Candidate Reacts to Town Manager Resignation


Smyrna businessman and 2014 Mayoral Candidate Jeff Hollingshead reacted to the news of Smyrna Town Manager Mark O’Neal’s resignation/termination from his position Tuesday. He stated, "I would like to thank Mr. O’Neal for his years of service to the Town of Smyrna.  I have made it a point throughout the course of my campaign to place a special importance on the role of Town Manager.  The Town Government is meant to act as a responsible steward of the people’s hard-earned tax dollars.  Because the actions of the Town Manager have a direct impact on the well-being of the citizens of Smyrna, I will require any Town Manager appointed under my Administration to be a proactive public servant who puts the needs of the people first.  As Mayor of Smyrna, I hope I can bring stability back to our Town Government.”