Meetings of Interest This Week

There will be several county committee meetings this week of local interest. The commission's Property Management Committee will tackle the loss of the Lascassas convenience center and a proposed judicial building at their Thursday meeting. It will be held at 5:30 on the second floor of the courthouse. Tomorrow (Tuesday), the Health and Education Committee will meet at Central Magnet School and among the items disussed will be the school board's three-year building plans. Also concerning education matters, the Murfreesboro City School Board will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) to talk about, among other items, opposing the state establishing vouchers, which would allow parents to receive tax money to pay for private school and opposing the state's approval of charter schools. The state's governing body for schools, under the legislation, could approve charter schools without local school board input. The city school board will meet in the City Council chambers on Vine Street at 6pm.