More and More Homeless Arrested on Public Intoxication Charges this Past Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The homeless population continues to see increased arrests over the past month and a half in Rutherford County. On Friday and Saturday, three homeless persons were busted on public intoxication charges. Public intoxication is evidently a theme in the arrest of the homeless population.

Despite the upswing in the homeless population in the past 12-months, the city continues to look into the problem as it is evident by not only the number of arrests, but also evident by the number of persons talking about the growing issue.

Pamela Morell, who told WGNS she is on the Mayor’s Homeless Task Force in Murfreesboro, says there are not enough homeless shelters in our city for the amount of persons living on the street.

Two weeks ago, an intoxicated homeless person was arrested inside of a church.In that case, he left what appeared to be his bottle of alcohol outside the place of worship before entering the building on a Friday night at 5 in the evening. 

Is the homeless population increasing as the weather continues to warm? WGNS asked Murfreesboro City Councilman Eddie Smotherman this past April that question…


Homeless Taskforce Volunteer Pamela Morell at 615-663-9548
Murfreesboro City Councilman Eddie Smotherman
MPD Incident and Arrest Reports
Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office