More Victoria's Secret Thefts in Murfreesboro

More Victoria's Secret Thefts in Murfreesboro | Victoria,Victoria's Secret,Murfreesboro theft,theft,shoplifting,shoplift

Another Victoria's Secret Theft has been reported in Murfreesboro.

On Monday, Murfreesboro Police responded to The Avenue where they learned that a Victoria's Secret employee observed two females enter the store who were quickly recognized as females who had stolen from that location in the past. The employee went to the front of the store and actually laid across the display table to keep the two visitors from stealing the items that were on the table. However, her theft prevention method only partially worked and the two females were still able to grab over $1,000 of clothing before fleeing the scene.

After the theft at The Avenue, the women were seen at the Stones River Mall location of Victoria's Secret. There, they committed a similar theft. In both cases, the two women got away in a Nissan Maxima.

Police do have the possible identities of two of the women and also the possible identity of a third woman who may have been driving the getaway car. But, no arrests have been made.


MPD Incident 17-17236
MPD Incident 17-17233