MTSU Developing A BS Degree In Fermentation

MTSU Developing A BS Degree In Fermentation | MTSU Developing A BS Degree In Fermentation, Dr. Tony Johnson, Murfreesboro Rotary, WGNS

Dr. Tony Johnson told the Murfreesboro Rotary Club on Tuesday (10/4/2016) that MTSU is developing a bachelor of science degree on fermentation. This is a part of the School of Agri-Business and will train students for many areas of the food industry.

He noted that the Tennessee Higher Education Commission is studying the proposal and is expected to make their decision before the end of this year.

Johnson noted that the number of wineries, breweries and distilleries in Tennessee have doubled over the past decade, and that the largest manufacturer of yogurt in the nation is located here in Murfreesboro.

The new degree in fermentation deals with all of these businesses, as well as others such as sauerkraut and more.

"All produce products that involve fermentation, and MTSU will be training professionals who can be a part of this lucrative business", Johnson noted.

Dr. Johnson noted that he has just received a classroom teaching laboratory in the just renovated Wiser-Patten Science Hall. That structure has undergone a $20-million renovation.

In addition, he noted that a large brewery is proposed in the county, off the John Bragg Highway, about two-miles toward Woodbury. Dr. Johnson said that firm has offered to locate a training laboratory there as soon as the facility is built.

He explained, "We plan to train students to do research into creating ways of using indigionous plants to create the fermented products, as well as coming up with new methods of disposing of the waste that is a by-prduct."

NewsRadio WGNS will keep you informed on the progress of this new BS degree from MTSU's Agri-Business area.