Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Breaks Records and More

Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Breaks Records and More | fire hall #11, Blackman High School, Fortress Blvd. at Blaze Drive, MFR, WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) Murfreesboro Fire Rescue broke all records last year, plus this city's ISO rating could possibly increase to number one--in addition fire station number eleven in Blackman is expected to open this spring.

Over 20K Calls

Chief Mark Foulks broke the news on WGNS that . . .

ISO #1 May Be In Our Future

The fire chief also noted that the ISO group inspected Murfreesboro Fire Rescue on November 14, 2019, and he's hoping for good news at any time.

ISO stands for Insurance Services Office, and the lower number often reduces fire insurance premiums, as well as other positives. Murfreesboro Fire Rescue currently has an ISO rating of #2.

Chief Foulks said that it takes awhile to get the grading processed, and he hopes word will arrive in March, April or May.

Fire Hall #11

Work on Murfreesboro Fire Station #11 is nearing completion on Blaze Drive and Fortress Boulevard. The 10,422 square foot complex is near Blackman High School.

Chief Foulks noted that it should be open this April or sooner . . .

The new fire hall #11 will cover calls in the entire Blackman community as well as portions of the Gateway. It adds to the latest stations built and opened in the growing City: Station 4 (Feb. 2019) on Medical Center Parkway and Station 10 (Aug. 2016) on Veterans Parkway.

The City will not need to add additional firefighters, but will instead move equipment and personnel around to facilitate better response times and operational capabilities for the department.

To hear the entire interview with Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks ">CLICK HERE.