Murfreesboro woman chases after auto burglars

Murfreesboro woman chases after auto burglars  | Northfield,Kings Crossing,Murfreesboro news,Murfreesboro

The 35-year old woman told Murfreesboro Police that when she saw two men inside her vehicle she ran outside and chased after them. However, the burglars ran to a waiting vehicle and fled in a black SUV.

Evidently, the woman was in her Northfield Boulevard apartment getting ready for work when she looked out her window and saw the men. The incident was reported just before 6AM this past Friday at Kings Crossing Apartments.

The victim told officers they took a wallet containing about $50, a birth certificate and her social security card. One of the subjects dropped a cell phone while running, which is now in the hands of Murfreesboro Police.

The case is under investigation. So far, an arrest has not been made.


MPD Incident #16-1380