Murfreesboro Woman Falls for "Home for Rent" Scheme on


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Another victim has fallen for the house rental scheme… This story, similar to other’s we have aired in the past, revolves around an ad on CraigsList for a home that is available for rent. The victim in this case told police she found the home on CraigsList and later drove to the property to take a look at it. The female said that she walked around the house on Niagara Lane and liked what she saw. She made a call to the number listed on the ad and the fictitious home owner told the female to wire him a $600 deposit and he would send her the keys to the property.

The report shows that the female sent the money via Western Union to an address in California. When the keys failed to show up, she drove back by the house and saw a sign for a property management company. She called the number on the sign and realized she had been scammed.

The victim is now out $600. According to past news stories, crimes like this one are rarely solved. That being said, the female will probably never see her money again.



MPD Incident Report #13-19069