NEW Fire Chief Mark Foulks in Murfreesboro

Ashley McDonald

NEW Fire Chief Mark Foulks in Murfreesboro | Mark Foulks, Ashley McDonald,Murfreesboro Fire

Pictured (L to R): Chief Mark Foulks and Firefighters Logan Gill, Betsy Welcome, Jason Dwyer, Matt Tidwell, Cory Friend, and Wayne Sutter.

Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department welcomed new Fire Chief Mark Foulks Monday morning, along with six new Firefighters.

Firefighters Jason Dwyer, Cory Friend, Logan Gill, Wayne Sutter, Matt Tidwell, and Betsy Welcome have a combined 39 years' experience in the fire service. Dwyer and Friend are certified Paramedics; Gill, Sutter, Tidwell, and Welcome are Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians.

The six will complete orientation this week and will begin shift work this weekend. All will be stationed at Headquarters on Vine Street, although they will be assigned to various shifts.

Monday also marked the first day that MFRD Administrative employees met their new Chief. Chief Foulks introduced himself to the new hires and seasoned employees. He then shared his philosophy, "I believe as long as you serve the people in your community by treating them the same as you would your own family, everything else will fall into place."

Foulks' previous employment included 17 years with Knoxville Fire Department and he was just one month shy of a nine year career at Greenville Fire Department before he accepted the position with MFRD.

"It is an honor and privilege to come on board with the men and women of MFRD. I look forward to us working together to achieve numerous accomplishments," said Chief Foulks.