October 'Adventures in Murphy's Burrow' features Mayor McFarland

October 'Adventures in Murphy's Burrow' features Mayor McFarland | Adventures in Murphy's Burrow, Shane McFarland, Mayor McFarland, WGNS, Murfreesboro news, WGNS News

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland is the featured guest on this month's episode of "Adventures in Murphy's Burrow," an educational adventure for children and adults to learn about the City of Murfreesboro. Don't miss the October episode of 'Adventures in Murphy's Burrow' now broadcasting on CityTV and on You Tube.

This month's show features:

Show Guest Mayor Shane McFarland.
7 Habits for Successful Leaders at Mitchel-Neilson Elementary School.
Craft: Make a Fall Leaf Fox & Hedgehog
Story: The Geese

Murph is an inquisitive rabbit who visits unique and interesting people and places in Murfreesboro and interviews guests that visit his burrow.

'Adventures in Murphy's Burrow,' featuring Murph, is created by producer-writer Nancy Phillips. The program is directed and edited by CityTV's John Padgett in the City of Murfreesboro Communications Department. View the latest show on You Tube at
http://youtu.be/fL9EQJ1hY-U or on the City website site at www.murfreesborotn.gov/murph.

You can watch 'Adventures in Murphy's Burrow' online anytime, or watch on CityTV (AT&T Uverse Channel 99/Comcast Xfinity in Murfreesboro on Channel 3) Sun., Mon., Wed., Sat. at 9:00 a.m.; Monday - Friday at 3:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Past episodes can be viewed at our You Tube channel at www.youtube.com/cityofmurfreesboro.