On HOT DAYS Check On Elderly and Those Alone!

On HOT DAYS Check On Elderly and Those Alone! | Cool Aid Program, Dwight Ogleton, Murfreesboro, WGNS

(Murfreesboro) A dangerous HEAT ADVISORY continues for Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee for the next several days. The heat index has already reached the 107 degree mark.

Dwight Ogleton steps forward again with the COOL AID PROGRAM to provide fans and air conditioners for elderly and families with children who can not afford the units.

Ogleton encouraged, "If you know an elderly person living alone, check on them daily to make certain everything is OK."

He noted that a simple fan, moving air, can make the difference of heat related illnesses or death.

Ogleton told WGNS...

Right now, Ogleton has no fans or air conditioners in stock to give out. If you have a fan or a window unit air conditioner that you would like to donate, call Ogleton at 615-487-9670.