Our favorite section - the history of the WGNS studios (in pictorial form)

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These are some neat pictures. The below photos are from the WGNS studios over the years. These are pictures from the 1940’s to today. You will love viewing the changes in technology. These are very interesting pictures. If you have some old WGNS studio shots, we would love to post them for others to see! Send them to news@wgnsradio.com or simply stop by and we will san them in. 

This is a picture from 1947. This is one of WGNS' first engineers Glenn Snoddy

(Below) This is a photo of the WGNS studio in 1947. This is Bill Barry. He is the current owner of WAMB in Nashville and has owned multiple radio stations over the years. 

This is a pre 1950 shot of Paul Howell (below photo)as he does his popular DJ show from the French Shoppe in downtown Murfreesboro on the local square.


This picture (below) is another 1947 photo. Bob Holland is at the control board in the studio above the women’s apparel store (French Shop).  He was a student at David Lipscomb in Nashville.  Keep in mind this is all "brand new" equiptment in 1947. We don’t know the name of his guest.  

Below photo: In the WGNS French Shop studios circa 1950 (L-R) Dot Records founder Randy Wood and John Hood. Mr. Hood is a former TN State Representative. 

Now we jump ahead to the late 1960's and early 70's. This is one of the many control boards used at WGNS over the years. 

In the below photo you will see local resident Doug Roberts. This is likely in the early 70's or late 60's. 

Bart and announcer Henry Fennell in these below pictures from the WGNS studio's on South Church Street. These were in the early 1980's. 

The below picture is of Chip Walter, Voice of Blue Raider Football and Men's Basketball. Chip was part of the WGNS crew in the 1980's. 

Here is a picture from about 1984. Look at all the records in this shot. These are 45's.

This is an control board that has seen its better days. It was taken out of commission in about 1990. 

The photos below are all from the early to mid 1990's. The first photo below is of Andrea Dearden, Bart Walker on the right and Bryan Barrett on the left. Bryan and Bart of course are still at WGNS and Andrea is now a spokesperson for the Ada County Sheriff's Office in Boise, ID. 

Directly above is a picture of Tim Tackett (front), Jeff Jordan (standing) and Sam Axley (right). For nearly 30-years Jeff Jordan was the voice of high school basketball and football. He was later joined by Bryan Barrett, Donnie Johnson and Jon Dinkins. 

This is a photo of Matt "The Prod Man" Lane. He received the nickname of Matt "The Prod Man" Lane because he was so good at production. Matt is currently the Operations Coordinator for the Rutherford County Emergency Communications District/911 office. Matt started working for WGNS when he was in high school in 1992. He stayed with us for many years and still helps out when needed. 


This is from the Matt Lane 1990's file of studio pictures. We called this machine "The Beast." This is a cart machine that held all of the commercials that aired on WGNS Radio, at the time we were AM only (1450 on the dial). The picture below was taken in the rear "on air" studio. 

The below picture was taken at a time when WGNS was going through major technical changes. This picture was shot shortly after we installed our "Scott Studio's" computer. At the time, we were airing commercials on a mixture of carts and via computer files. The Scott Studio's computer uses wave files. 

Many hours are still spent in this room still today. This photo is from the late 1990's or perhaps early in year 2000. This is our production room. Even though this shot is not that old, notice how bulky the computers were. Everything is so much smaller today.

The Scott Studio's computers that were used during this time frame were later replaced with Google computers. That is a piece of trivia for you. Most people do not realize that the Google company once owned a broadcast software/hardware company. For the record, it did not last long. A company called Wide Orbit now maintains Google broadcast related equiptment and programs. 

(Below picture) Andrea Dearden worked at WGNS as an announcer and board operator in 1996. This is a picture of her behind the microphones. 

This is a picture of Bryan Barrett. This photo was taken in 1996. Notice the cart machines still in use and the picture is still absent of computers. Shortly after this picture was taken, Bryan was hired to work in Nashville with Clear Channel Communications and the Tennessee Radio Network. While working in Nashville for a period of 10-years, he continued to work for WGNS. He later came back to the Good Neighbor Station to work full time where he works as the Operations Manager today. 

Mayor Joe B. Jackson was a regular on WGNS over the years. This picture was in the mid 1990's. Bart Walker is running the program. Mayor Jackson served Murfreesboro from 1982 to 1998. Mayor Jackson, a U.S. Marine in the mid 1940's, died in 2008. 

Bart Walker hosting the Action Line that can be heard Monday - Friday morning at 8:10. The reel to reel and the cart machine was in heavy use in the 1970's, 80's and 90's. 

This is a picture of Scott Walker in 1997. Man was he a goof. Still is, by the way. 

Here is a shot of Leeann Walker next to a high tech computer in the early 1990's. This may not look like a studio picture, but it is. This was a computer we used to download commercials on in 1997. Look how much room it takes up. 

1997: Bart Walker in our production studio. 

 Here is Scott Walker and Jack London in 2005. This picture was taken before we moved our console board and computers. In case you were wondering, Jack is now living in Reno, Nevada. 

The G-Man (G. Gordon Liddy) would visit WGNS often. Here is a picture of him in our rear studio in 2007 (he set up his own table out of the way so that he would not bother our engineer from running the board). He was always a real gentleman.

 Talk about change (below)... This is what the WGNS production room looks like today. This is where we produce most of our commercials and newscasts. 

Robert Rickman (Saturday news host) behind the control board...

This is our "on air" studio where we conduct all of our live shows daily and nightly (below). 

This is where our guest sit to be interviewed. 

(Below) This is our "internet studio" where we send out our streaming audio feed. This is tucked away in the back of the building and is rarely seen. This room has a total of three streaming audio feeds that are used by over 50-online radio streaming radio station services or players like "Tune-In" radio. Some of these formats can be picked up on your Roku box as well.  The feeds are also used by the iTunes and Google Play apps. Do you like our old Santana and Rolling Stones album covers on the wall? These were given to WGNS by a music licensing company as a gift in the late 1980's. The Rolling Stones cover is "Their Satanic Majesties Request." The Santana albulm is their self titled albulm "Santana." These are both from the 1970's.  

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