PHOTO GALLERY: As Courthouse Clock Chimed "One", Rally Groups Entered

As the courthouse clock chimed one, police began to search everyone who entered the Murfreesboro public square. The photos here were made at the entrances to the square, and some of the persons were turned aways. No backpacks, purses, or anything that could be used as a weapon was allowed in the rally area.

Many of the persons in the Sevier Street area looked as if they were trying to dress with a "60's theme".

The square was sectioned off so that opposing sides would not mix.

WGNS Coverage

People have been asking, is WGNS going to give live coverage of the Saturday (10/28/2017) event? Our news department is set-up around the downtown area and ready to give coverage, should problems arise. However, with the well thought-out plans of law enforcement, we hopefully will not need to go "live" on the radio.

WGNS will break-in on our regular programming with "updates" throughout the event and still photos, videos and interviews will be included on our website.

WGNS will have massive pictorial coverage of the event on this website. Check And if issues arise, tune to AM 1450, FM 100.5 and FM 101.9. Your Good Neighbor is prepared to be with you through another challenge.

FYI: The permit for the rally is 1:30 to 4:00 Saturday (10/28/2017) on the Murfreesboro public square. The League of the South is expected to be joined by affiliated groups. Other individuals and groups are expected as counter protestors.